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World’s Largest Radio Telescope in China

World’s Largest Radio Telescope in China

A beautiful landscape is occupying the surroundings of telescope’s enormous dish measuring 500 meters in diameter and its placed in Southern part of the Guizhou province. Taking five years to complete the project and an estimated $180 milions surpassed the 300 meter Arecibo Observatory located in Puerto Rico, a radio telescope dish used in many observations and research on stars that also led for a won of a Nobel Prize.
Hundreds of people mostly astronomers and enthusiasts were observing the wonderful event of launching the 500 (five hunded meter) Aperture Spherical Telescope , with a code name FAST in the vicinity of Pingtang.

World’s Largest radio telescope has now started operating in China, searching for new signals from nearby stars and galaxies to hopefully find new insights about our human existence and extraterrestrial life. This project is showing the ambitious site of Beijing and China for reaching new heights for in-space interest and technology development, Investing billions in such huge scientific projects.

The Radio Telescope would offer advanced search for radio emissions from nearby galaxies and also detect and research newly discovered gravitational waves. Most attractive and popular subject would be listening to signs of extraterrestrial life. As being said by a researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, that in theory the signal, if received, will look like the signal from a neutron start that is spinning and approaching us.

The construction of the panel structure interestingly named Tianyan (Eye of Heaven) contains around 4500 panels, that began in early 2011 and was finished this July in 2016.

World's Largest Radio Telescope in China

Photo Credit: National Astronomical Observatories FAST project

In order for this radio telescope to work as intended it needs a Radio Silence in 5km (3mile) radius, which required a relocation of less than 10000 people from their homes in nearby villages. The villagers would be paid in cash from the budget of the Poverty Relief Fund and bank loans around 269 million $.

During a test that followed in near past, the FAST received radio signals from a spinning neutron star from a huge 1,351 light years away from our planet, which is quite the achievement. Its power is about 5 to 10 times as the surveying speed from the Puerto Rican’s Radio telescope of Arecibo Observatory, and double its sensitivity.

Around the observatory China had also built couple of tourist places such as observation facility and deck in the nearby mountain, that will surely be an attraction for many many visitors.

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