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The world’s first self-filling water bottles

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

 Up to 60% of our body is contained by water. Lets say you are out in the wilderness far away from home, the first and the last thing you need to worry about is the most  essential thing to survive- Water. Dehydration is always the anxiety that we need to face when we’re in the middle of a tour.

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A young company called Fontus with its headquarters located in beautiful Vienna and development site in California have designed something truly innovative and useful for the matter we mentioned above. They have designed the world’s first self filling water bottles, with unique and practical design.

Fontus will make your adventure without any worries about your water supply. Now your are ready to set your next adventure.

How does it work?!

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A small fan draws the air from the surrounding environment, runs it through a special filter and presses it into the condensation chambers. A series of small coolers bring the moisture contained in the air to condense on special surfaces. The resultant liquid water then drops into the bottle´s main body and is stored.

There are 2 different water bottles for your adventures:

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Fontus Ryde
The initial design strapped onto the top tube of a bicycle and relied on air flow from cycling to get air to pass into a dual-chambered, solar-powered Peltier element. Air pulled into this element condenses into water which drips into the attached bottle. This bike-friendly design is still in place, and is now called Fontus Ryde with the addition of an IP54 filter to keep out contaminants.

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Fontus Airo
Fontus Airo will save you trouble, weight and might even save your life! This water bottle will refill itself while you are hiking, sailing, climbing, camping or just enjoying nature. There is no need to worry any more about heavy water loads, plastic bottle waste or where to find the next river to fill up your bottle and get your daily water supply. This device gives you the freedom to plan your adventure without worrying about the most elemental component of survival: water supply.

More detailed info in the video bellow:



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