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Most creative traffic lights in the world

Most creative traffic lights in the world

In our everyday life we all see traffic lights and we all truly love the green one, which are usually made by following standard colors and pattern. Most of us must be fed up with the usual traffic lights and the design and also appearance of these lights, unintentionally waste a lot of time when getting stuck in the traffic. Some of the designers have done something brilliant and astonishing work with these beautiful lights and these traffic lights, as now looking stunning and eye-catching, as you will see in the image list below. The lights are very real and original. Lets take a look of the top 5 traffic lights around the world.

1.Odense, Denmark

Photo by Jonas Goessaert via

2.Utrecht, Netherlands

Photo by Clouseau219 via

3.Hong Kong

Photo by Irene J. Li via

4.Berlin, Germany

Photo via

5.Sagami, Japan

Photo by  via

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