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Tips For Traveling Solo – Single Travel

Tips For Traveling Solo – Single Travel

People who are traveling solo make great impact on themselves. People who have never traveled alone often are scared from their safety concerns or loneliness.

Just as simple as that, if you want your inner peace to be awaken, just take your passport and some simple stuff (like clothes, bags, camera, money) and off to your favorite destination. For sure, everyone on this planet has at least one dream destination.

Solo travel can let you rediscover yourself and gain as much self-confidence as you need to finish your job when you come back home.

Of course…  solo travel has its own pros and cons. When you’re alone you’re independent and can do whatever you want, not depending on your travel companion. You can do the things you want, eat whatever you like and splurge whenever you want to splurge. There are also downsides on traveling alone, because when you dine and you don’t have a companion, when you’re in bad mood you don’t have anyone to change that attitude, and traveling alone brings you more expensive trip than by traveling with as a group.

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Ask yourself: Why do you like traveling solo?

For example take this: When your partner’s favorite museum  is closed and that can ruined your plans for the day, you need to get along with and be in hand for it. If that ruined your partner’s day you must help them to recharge “their batteries” and rebuilt the schedule for the day. Otherwise when you’re alone you can do whatever you like , Just as simple as that!

Introduce your strengths

Here you can find yourself, to better acknowledge your strengths and finally discover what is most exiting thing to do for you. Is it the business trip, culture trip or a trip on an island where you’ll disconnect all of the usual electronic devices and social networks  for the trip and to indulge yourself on to that peaceful beautiful place. However, either way no matter the type of your traveling trip , you’ll unleash your strength.

Tips for saving more money

Lets be honest, almost everyone who goes on a single trip thinks about saving more money, because like it was said before, solo trips are much more expensive than a trip with a companion or group. Don’t hesitate to buy some souvenirs from the place, but first check out the prices from the souvenirs shop. The prices in local alternative shops are way more cheap then the prices on prominent street market shops. Hostels are more cheap then the hotels, but not everyone want to share a bed or room with other strangers, just find out the compromise as for whats best for you and not that expensive for your stay. There is always a better way. Also,  more money you can save if you plan out all of your exciting solo trip and you won’t be forced to travel with travel agencies.

Meeting new people

With  positive attitude you can always find new people and make new friends around Earth. The world is filled with people who want to make friends, so don’t hesitate on a new friendship because you’ll never know what kind of adventure is about to happen when you meet new and positive people.

Learn a little language

Make the effort to learn a few words and phrases of that country’s language before you go travelling on your favorite destination. Just knowing how to introduce yourself and say “hi”, starts a simple conversation, order a whiskey and count from 1–10 makes all comes better in two ways. People always love to know you’re making an effort and doing your best to interact, even if you’re not so good at that.

Take pictures

When you come back, people will ask you a various questions about your single trip, and the trip shown by photos will be much more easily to explain then trying to explain by countless words.

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Safety alerts

Solo travel can be both safe and rewarding. But in any case you have to be mindful of the safety concerns as you would be traveling with a companion or a group. In large cities at night take special care, watch what they put in your drinks and keep an open eye for everything around you.

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