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Tips For Taking a Long-Term Travel With Kids

Tips For Taking a Long-Term Travel With Kids

Long term travel isn’t for everyone. I get that. Add kids to the mix and it becomes a less desirable option for many people. The goal isn’t to encourage you to quit your job, pull your kids out of school and travel full time. Its about anyone who wants to travel, with their kids, whatever their budget. There’s value here for travellers without kids too. Our goal is to get parents with children out of the house, give them the skills and courage to travel with their kids, no matter how long that’s for.

It is so important to us to prepare our children for our upcoming travels. We want them to be engaged and excited about our planning and our trip. Here are five things we do to help keep up their level of excitement.

Pack light and stock up on the go

Whatever your plans, pack as little as possible. You can buy nappies, baby food and even clothes as you go along – and you may well need to anyway, given the rate at which most children grow. Clearly, the weather at your destination will influence you on what you ought to pack. There are plenty of great travel packing hacks like rolling your garments for more room and also reducing creases or making use of old shower caps for your footwear.

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Arrange time apart

For everyone’s sanity, it’s a good idea to spend some time away from your kids once in a while. Take it in turns to watch them while one of you gets some alone time, hire a babysitter and have a grown-up night out, or treat yourself to a stay in a hotel with a kids’ club. Allowing your kids a break from each other can also save everyone some headaches.

Must have: A World Map

We are constantly using it as a reference for seeing where other countries are in relation to us. And not just the countries we are planning to visit either but any country that comes up in our daily lives and explorations.

Try to stick with your routines as much as possible

Not just will you get jet lagged, but your kids will too. It is important to stick to the very same regimens you have at house when it concerns meal times and also sleep times. This could not constantly be feasible but the closer you could get to those programs, the more comfortable everyone will be, especially if you want you want to make a lifestyle of long term family travel.

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Let travel be their teacher

Travel with school-age children and you’ll have to educate along the way. As well as setting time aside for formal study, draw inspiration from the world around you. Learn about art and history by visiting museums and ancient sites; use a trip to the market as a simple maths lesson; study maps to understand the geography of the countries you’re visiting; or encourage your kids to interact in the local language.

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