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Sisyphus – Artistic table that evokes calmness

Sisyphus – Artistic table that evokes calmness

Most of us will know Sisyphus’s name in Greek mythology, a person who rolls a boulder up on a mountain for all eternity, that is about to change.

One can visualize that he rolls the ball in a sand, similar like the thoughts of the designer when he created this beautifully created table, forever erasing and creating patters in a endless loop.

We must admit is quite the view for our eyes. It evokes calm peaceful feeling with sort of meditation like meaning to watching the ball creating the paths it makes in a carefully meant path.

This table looks like an instrument, and it really is a beautiful piece of furniture and kinetic piece of art. Working on it as an instrument, the creator had a goal to inspire people’s hearts to write “music” on it and enjoy its place in their homes.

Sisyphus tables

Sisyphus table was designed and thought through carefully for nearly 20 years by its creator.
It can be in different variations and sizes:

The End Table is  Sisyphus kinetic sculpture, 22″ in tallness, 2 foot diameter, with glass-topped metal table although the sizes may still vary. Wood and metal furniture options for top and sides of the table, birch, walnut, maple, black. It will include some assembly.

The 3 foot coffee table is similar in design as the End Table although its dimensions with 3 foot diameter and 18″, making it smaller and more convenient for placement at home.

Hardwood 4′ coffee table: with Brushless servo driven Sisbot mechanism, ApplePly base and different choice of hardwood furniture. Everything is CNC machined and smoothly hand finished.

How does it work we’ll ask?
A simplified answer would be that under the table resides a two-motor robot called the “Sisbot” which is moving a magnet that moves the steel polished ball through the sand. Those motors are controlled by the popular Raspberry Pi tiny computer which computes a set of path files, similar like playing an mp3 file to music player.
Sisyphys has turning off/on switch, by re-plugging it solo configures itself, loads a different sets of paths each and every run and begins with the sequence of moving the ball.
Different variations of choosing the favorite playlists are possible. Speed can also be controlled by mobile application or browser through Wi-Fi.

Its really inspiring too see project like these, and we hope too see more from the creator of this table
You can find more info about this on following link.

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