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  • Exploring Norway’s fjords

    Exploring Norway’s fjords0

    The fjord landscapes of western Norway are so utterly unique and so profoundly beautiful that many people rate them as the most impressive landscapes on the planet. A fjord looks like a lake but is, in fact, a slender arm of the salty seas, reaching deep inland. As you enter one, it can seem self-contained,

  • Tips For Taking a Long-Term Travel With Kids

    Tips For Taking a Long-Term Travel With Kids0

    Long term travel isn’t for everyone. I get that. Add kids to the mix and it becomes a less desirable option for many people. The goal isn’t to encourage you to quit your job, pull your kids out of school and travel full time. Its about anyone who wants to travel, with their kids, whatever their budget.

  • Best places in the world to go barefoot

    Best places in the world to go barefoot0

    When was the last time when you walked barefoot? Our ancestors did not have any kind of a shoes as they go barefoot and went all natural. They were more aware of walking surface because they deal with it more intensely. Going barefoot also brings many health benefits for our feet. Walking barefoot entails constantly

  • Nature Like No Other Place on Earth – Irreplaceable Switzerland

    Nature Like No Other Place on Earth – Irreplaceable Switzerland0

    When we mention Switzerland, the first thing that comes to our mind are those great mountains-the Alps, rivers, lakes, watches, CERN etc. The land of four languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) as it known for, is located in the very heart of Europe. Its flag consists a red cross because The International Committee of

  • Tips For Traveling Solo – Single Travel

    Tips For Traveling Solo – Single Travel0

    People who are traveling solo make great impact on themselves. People who have never traveled alone often are scared from their safety concerns or loneliness. Just as simple as that, if you want your inner peace to be awaken, just take your passport and some simple stuff (like clothes, bags, camera, money) and off to

  • Best Things to Do in Rome

    Best Things to Do in Rome0

    “All roads lead to Rome” – Is there anyone in this world that doesn’t heard about most famous sentence to describe Rome? What we know for sure is that Rome is known in every corner of this world, and it is one of the most famous cities. With around 3 million inhabitants its on the 5th